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At £175 *3 it is less so, and doesn’t do the VLAN trunking.

I’d need to get two additional switches (to do the trunking over the dSnake cable) and possibly a WAP for FOH – although the above should be easily capable of covering anywhere I care about – so maybe just add two vlan switches…

Makes it more like £200
And that’s still not too bad – except that I just lost the convenience of a single device, so I may as well put the VLN switches (and a spare at each location, and a WAP (at each location) onto a shelf for ~£80

If you are going to charge £175 for a piece of hardware it needs to do something valuable (like be a single box solution).
A 1U box with a couple of Ethercon connectors and my total cost is approaching £100, but the “single unit” box is now easier to use (leave the cable plugged into the dSnake under, so it’s one cable in and raise the antenna)

The other end gets a small Vlan switch in place of a WAP and one extra cable…