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ok, but I plan to sell my analog multicore and stagebox. So the Qu-16 stays on stage. And then, if the router broke down, never mind, if I have a Qu-16 or a Qu-Pac on stage. For that reason, I have a 2nd router with me. Normally I use an apple and cheap TP-Link as a backup. This might do.
My only thoughts are to keep my Qu-16 and put it on stage or to sell it and buy a QU-Pac.
Thank you all for your posts. Very useful.
@debzdoodle: Sounds interesting. I want to go in that direction, if I buy me a QU-Pac. Do you have a picture of your setup?
@Jake: Space in the vehicle is also an important point and I can put my IEM, wireless etc. and the QU-Pac in one rack and keep the cables ready.

Do you have any other advantages of the QU-Pac vs. the QU-16???

Do you have any experiences with android tablets instead of the IPad?