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to play back from the Mac to ST1 you need to route audio to Qu-16 streaming ch 17&18. This is because the first 16 streaming channels go to the Mono Inputs. Most DAWs allow this, but if you are using iTunes or similar, you need to set this as a preference in OS X. Go to Utilities / Audio MIDI Setup / Audio Devices, select the Qu-16 and click on Configure Speakers, then assign stereo Left and Right to ch 17&18.

Hi, this helped a lot, thank you. My iTunes on my Macbook comes through on my ST1 now, which is great using the Qu-16 as a soundcard. I’m having trouble with GarageBand though – it just won’t stream it’s output to my Qu-16. When I change the audio output in GarageBand to “Built-In Speakers”, it plays the audio just fine. When I change it back to “Qu-16” it won’t send me anything.

I made sure the correct USB (B) is selected for my ST-1, but since it’s receiving iTunes, it seems to be configured correctly. It’s just that GarageBand’s output won’t work. Does anyone have advice that I could try? I must be missing something simple, but cannot figure it out. I’ve quit and restarted GarageBand and it didn’t help.