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@[XAP}Bob No WiFi router is of course our worst nightmare. I spoke to Dominic at American Music & Sound the distributor for A&H in the US, asking about the QU line and the QU-Pac in particular and he strongly recommended using security on the routerfor the following reason. He mentioned that sometimes routers fail when someone spots our network and tries to join it. He said it will most likely simply end our connection with the mixer but that sometimes it will damage the router. A feature suggestion I might make would be some sort of hardwired connectivity to a laptop or a USB adapter to a tablet, in case the router fails. I’d really to make the switch to a rack case like the QU-Pac, but would very much not like to be dead in the water before or during a gig.

@klaus The difference in footprint between a QU-16 out of the case and a QU-Pac mounted in a rack case isn’t much. I have Gator G-Mix-1921-8-TSA polyethylene case for the QU-16. My biggest challenge is not the space on stage as I use an of stage table most of the time, but the space it takes in my vehicle. To have the QU-Pac onstage would save a step in that I would not need to setup the 3′ foot square table as well as shorten cable runs somewhat.