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I have so very few drop out issues with my wi-fi set up that it becomes a non issue for me when comparing the QU16 to the QO-PAC. To be honest, I was leaving the QU16 on stage more and more anyway and mixing on my pad.
One other thing to remember is the fact that some of the newer rack style digital mixers are useless without wi-fi but one of the reasons I chose the QU-PAC is because it is fully functioning from the front panel without wi-fi and I can access everything I need pretty quickly from the custom screens I have set up on the Qu-PAC.
Also, I love the way the QU 16 is laid out and workflow ( and of course I am familiar with it) so when it was time to choose a rack mount mixer, it made sense for me to choose the QU-PAC.
Like I said, I love both and take both with me each show. It has just become a bit more convenient for me to use the Qu-PAC these days at live shows. MY QU-16 gets used more at rehearsals and recording sessions.
I take a thumb drive and load all my settings from the PAC to the 16 regularly so I can switch out anytime I want (another good reason for me to have compatible mixers)