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I own both a Qu-16 & a Qu-Pac. I use the iPad a lot, whichever desk I’m on, and find everything to be very reliable.

It is quicker setting up with the “real” desk but, if you’re always using this for the same band, and the monitors are already taken care of by the Qu-You, then I see very few downsides at all.

Maybe you should test it by keeping the Qu-16 on stage and giving your mixer person an iPad for a few gigs to see how it goes.

One tip though, is that if mixing from iPad, it is often worth reserving a space to mix from. I’ve had a couple of seated gigs where I didn’t have a seat and had to stand in a bad position at the back, and a rather raucous rock gig where I was in danger of being knocked over by an excited crowd! I now have a keyboard stand which can become my mix position if needed.