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But would they really burn V1.63 onto new mixers launched in 09/2015? All mobile apps would feature a higher Version by then and be incompatible without firmware update on the mixer.
v1.60 was released 10/2014
v1.70 was released 03/2015

A&H quoted from September 30, 2015
“Allen & Heath has launched new Chrome Editions of its Qu series compact digital mixers to mark the launch of Qu v1.8 Chrome firmware in mid-October”

To me this sounds like quite a strong relationship between Chrome and v1.8. And I would have expected to find at least v1.7x on the mixer.

I still wonder if A&H took devices which they produced in early 2014 or even earlier from stock and refurbished them with new knobs in Q4/2015? Hardware would then be 2 years older by now compared to a freshly produced device, this feels not so nice in terms of product life cycle (early failure after warranty period more probable?). I mean come on, it costs 200 bucks more compared to a “normal” Qu-16, anyway…


PS: I don’t mean to discredit A&H nor! The mixer works fine by now and from what I experienced by now, it’s a really great product. I’m just interested…