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Use LR for the drummer and a Mix for FOH?
I hadnt thought of that. Using a mix out for FOH may confuse other users of the board, but it’s a nice easy solution. Nice thinking.

Have you run out of mixes? Remember that you can turn the groups into stereo mixes too. Then you just need to PFL/AFL the mix output for the drummer to use the internal headphone amp.

Nope we have mix 9-10 free. I think this is the route we will go in the short term. Havnt messed with groups as yet. Still very much digital mixer newbie. I can see how that would work though.

For what it’s worth you could use a beltpack headphone amplifier, which would alleviate the rack space requirement.

Belt pack. Dammit, that didn’t occur to me either. I like this idea. This would allow me to keep all the routing nice and simple so other users can easily follow whats going on, and not have to shoehorn more stuff into the rack. It will require the drummer to remember to turn the belt pack off after use, and keep extra batteries on hand though.

I think I’ll cover my bases and do a combination of the suggetions you guys offered. Use mix 9-10 to feed a belt pack the drummer can wear, and have a group mix ready made to be PFL’d to the phones out in case the belt pack goes down. The click is pretty important as we have an automated sequenced light show so we like to cover our bases with backups.

Anyone see any traps I could fall into with this setup?

Thanks for all the suggestions. Possibly the most helpful forum I’ve been on.