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If I just hit cancel I could still control the desk but I got no feed back from the desk. The level meters wouldn’t show anything but I could still change the levels on each channel.

Also the Send/fader button was confusing at first, I would like to have all the mixes listed seperatley down the right hand side so I can get to them in less presses. But that’s just me, otherwise looking good and it could replace the Ipad in my setup.

When the connection is lost it’s required to reconnect. That’s just how the protocol works.

With the next update it will be possible to create custom UI elements (buttons, labels) and assign actions to them like changing the sends on fader bus.

So does this app replace the Apple version? I don’t want to go out and buy an iPad, if I don’t have to.

I just downloaded it, about to give it a go, but does it have TalkBack ability to wirelessly talk to the stage via the Android phone’s internal mic?

It depends on which functionality you want to use. It’s (currently) not possible to access the FX parameters, as well as some configuration parameters of the mixer. This is due the midi protocol limitation.
Talkback function is not possible because the Qu can’t receive audio via network steam.