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precisely! 🙂

I was not sure about exact latency with Reaper sending a stereo mix back to the Qu via USB and just don’t know how much phasey issues there could be.
I’ll tell you what,,, I am up now in St. Louis Missouri and it is 2:15 am and I am importing a ton 1080p HD video from a video project that I just finished shooting Sunday evening (technically, last night) and I am going to hook up my Qu24 to my Mac running Digital Performer to check out the latency if any… should be the same results as Reaper unless yoiu are using Windows then that’s a different comparison.

When we discuss latency, you already know by your previous post that it is goiong to be essential that the output of Reaper be muted for any mics it is recording,… the musicians should only hear their instruments/mics from the Qu live.

My concern is how tight the punched parts will sync after the musician is finsihed with a punch, based on the fact that the reference mix from Reaper is coming back into the Qu via USB and not analoge, I just don’t know …. but we will shortly 🙂

I’ll check it out and post back here shortly.