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The defaults are sort of legacy from Qu16, where the internal QuDrive records 16+2 channels, which are mapped to 1..16+L/R by default. To avoid remapping for stereo recording, QuDrive just uses channels 17/18 as a recording source.
QuDrive still records 16+2 channels on Qu24/Qu32/QuPac and consequently uses the same channel assignment from Qu16.
And since same channel assignment is used for USB streaming to a DAW, you’ll get L/R on streams 17/18 by default and remaining channels follow from stream 19 (which is mapped to channel 17 by default).
If you never touched the channel assignment for USB this is exactly what you get, but you’re free to re-patch it whatever you prefer.
If you’re using scenes you may want to set a global filter on output patch, otherwise that would be reverted whenever you recall a scene (may be handy to switch complete setups but will be a nightmare if multiple scenes are used during a concert).