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Yes, with FireFace no problem at all (since 2012) but if I want to play audio from MacBook Pro to Qu-24 I need to use DA outputs from UFX to AD inputs on Qu-24 (because Qu-24 have no AES3 or S/PDIF input) for 2016 it’s some kind of anachronism… Another opportunity for me is USB B streaming. I know that recording to USB Flash (!) provides 18 channels without possibility to decrease non-used channels (‘heavy silence’ I say) But I’m talking about USB B streaming and I always thought that in this case there is no audio data transfer except channels that enabled in Channel Routing screen (for example I use only 9 and 10 channels for USB B streaming from MacBook Pro other channels are left as Local) By the way with recording from Qu-24 using USB Flash (18 channels) and from Qu-24 using USB B to DAW there is no problem… These distortions occurs only when I’m using USB B audio streaming from MacBook Pro to Qu-24.