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your post is somewhat confusing, you did a good job of informing us of the gear you are using but did not explain how you are trying to use the three different pieces of gear.
I realize the RME Fireface is an audio interface for a computer, and it can be connected to the computer with a USB 2.0 connection or Firewire 400 cable.

I do not understand if you are connecting your microphones to the Fireface and then connecting the Fireface to the Qu, or perhaps you are connecting the microphones to the Qu and trying to connect the Qu USB to the Fireface.
Regardless, if you are recording microphones into a Mac with DAW software, and you have a Qu24,….
you should not be using the Fireface at all. You may think that the sound quality of the Fireface mic preamps are better than the ones on the Qu mixer, but I personally doubt that there is any appreciable or even discernable difference. I suggest not using the Fireface and connnect the mics to the Qu and connnect the USB Streaming output of the Qu to the Mac.

The Qu mixers have a sample rate of 48 Khz. and can not be changed.
Make sure that whatever DAW software you are using has the same sample rate of 48,
ideally, the Qu24 should be the master clock,… not the DAW.