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Guys; it’s not quite that easy. I do two different concert series in the summer- a total of 19 shows. Most of them are with groups I’ve never worked with before. If you have 4 people singing and one was slightly lower than the other three, could you figure out which one it was? What about a 5-piece sax section and the 2nd Alto was a little low compared to the other 4? Having some sort of Post-Fade level display is a real life saver in these situations.

I’m speaking from experience, as my previous board (Roland VM-7200- 2001 technology!) had this, and it was trivial to see at-a-glance how well the different instruments of a section were blending. I was actually surprised when I got my T-112 that it didn’t have this ability. If A&H could work it in somewhere (even iLive Editor or Mixpad) I’d be eternally grateful.