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That does help Rob, thanks. I use my QU-16 a bit differently than how I imagine other folks do. In my area it’s a bit difficult to find good dedicated musicians to gig with. What I decided to do was record various local musicians in my studio. I take my Pro Tools tracks and dump them onto a flash drive into the QU. Sonically speaking It’s a lot better than a stereo “Karaoke style” track because I can mix, EQ, etc., all the instruments individually like I would with a live band. In fact it sounds very much like a live band. The downside of course is that I can improvise on a whim. I have to stick to the script. My current PA consists of two Yorkville NX55Ps’ and one NX720s sub. Live gigging as a solo performer and with my own PA is new to me so I need all the pointers I can get. Thanks again!