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@ Dick Rees,
Hi Rick glad to see you haven’t lost your charm (lol). A couple of things in reply to your comment. A&H does listen to its customers. I think their updates prove that. They did not for example have to include the new Automatic Microphone Mixer (AMM). Hardware versions of AAM’s are not exactly cheap. A&H added this at no additional cost to us. I can’t help but think this was at least in part due to requests made from current users. So you see, it is not unreasonable to think A&H would listen to us about effects updates. That being said, I would be willing to pay for effects updates/add-ons that were on par with say Lexicon PCM Native Reverb or Relabs XL480 plugins. At any rate, it is ideas (which is what I guess you are referring to as “b****ing”), that help drive improvements. A&H seem to be willing to step up to the plate in that regard.

Also, you need to give users more credit. I have been running a DAW based studio for over 15 years. I know a thing or two about editing plugins. I rarely if ever use presets. I have spent a quite a bit of time editing QU’s built-in reverbs. They cannot be edited to match my Lexicon PCM 90. Totally different algorithms are at play. I used to own a TC2000 years ago, and I question your ability to get the QU reverbs close that unit. As with the PCM 90 comparison, the QU reverb tails need improvement as do the depth and width parameters. Perhaps our definition of “close” differs. I would love for you to post your reverb settings so that I can take a listen for myself.

Finally, don’t confuse my thoughts and opinions with “complaining”. This is an open forum for exchanging ideas. I will always use it as such regardless of negative criticism. This is how people grow in knowledge. Why would anyone want to suppress that?