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Dr. J

I use outboard delay and reverb as well. There is a definite analog warmth to them as you say Alrod. I cannot go without them either. The Qu effects need refinement in my opinion. That could be the next single best improvement they can make for the next update.
The Stereo 2tap delay needs a “Right Offset” otherwise there is no stereo imaging. You can tap in the delay tempo if you want but then have to manually offset the ms of one side to produce the stereo image… Not ideal.

The reverbs are too bright with metallic flutter and that is even after I roll off the high end.

I think the Qu effects are ok for a lot of music but not Big 80’s music. I mix for a lot of 80-90’s bands and they prefer the effects to sound close to their albums as possible. So Big snare verb and vocal delay/reverb is called for. So far – I can only achieve that with outboard effects….

Trust me – I would love to downsize but simply cannot do it until the board effects have improvement.