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Wow, you have a good eye!
It drove me crazy the way some “patrons” thought my subs were drink holders.
I had some signs on the last subs I had asking people not to put drinks there. You’d think I had written them in Farsi or something, hardly anyone paid attention. When I got my new subs (JBL PRX718XLF’s) last month I decided enough was enough.
I got the idea from a fellow I occasionally work with whom made some cool slanted tops with black plastic tops and a piano hinge.
I did my own design with PVC pipe as the frame and 1/8″ Masonite as the material (painted black).
I did a very scientific experiment to see what the magic angle was that would make a half-filled bar glass slide off and there you have it.
They are held in place because the speaker pole protrudes from them and keeps them from sliding off.
Here is a better pic.
And BTW, the iPad Pro was around $799, I got the WiFi version with 32GB memory.
Had $150 Amazon credit so it wasn’t so painful.

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