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So at the gig last night, I went with the stereo 1 channel. It worked perfect. Great stereo balance that we never had before when using a single mic on a real leslie. Also, it can’t go without saying that digital technology has truly caught up with the analog music world. The qu-pac is a good example. But the Leslie midi/synth program may have been an even better example. It was a $50 program running from a cheap laptop tucked in the corner. It sounded better than the real Leslie in a live situation (incredible realism and with line-in there was obviously no mics needed, no bleed from all the other instruments on stage, and it was very easy to carve out space with EQ for bass, kick and guitars much like in a studio setting rather than a live situation). And the processing, power, sound, etc… seems to get cheaper and better by the day. love it…