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Cool, I just didn’t realize that the ST faders were for mixing in the levels. Good to know!

Am I married to the my outboard effects? Absolutely!!! The QU-16 effects aren’t bad, I just like the TC Electronics D-Two and the Lexicon PCM 90 better. They have a certain analog type warmth about them that works magic on vocals and acoustic guitar. If A&H ever incorporates 3rd party plugins into the QU series I would probably use the Lexicon PCM native or the Relabs XL480 for reverbs and then the SoundToys EchoBoy for delay. Those plugins replaced the two hardware units mentioned above in My DAW for recording, which is why I now use them for live gigs.

I use Ultimate Ears Reference IEMs and love to hear the lush effect of my units. If I were using regular monitors it probably wouldn’t matter as much (it would probably still matter though, just not as much). I am pretty anal about what I am hearing when I play even though the audience may not.