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The show file method is valid however, this would create other problems for your typical church user IMO, considering most churches have volunteer operators that aren’t professionals, At some level a “professional” will come in an setup the console how it needs to be, and then the operators will use it without making system level changes unless an “admin” approves of them. We have had plenty of times were scenes were modified and settings changed that other users weren’t aware of, mostly by accident. Yes the point of the flash drive would fix this but it would prevent us from setting the console up perfectly, and maintaining it, because id now have to maintain a bunch of different show files on individuals USB keys, and in my case on 7 GLD systems at different locations.

In my case there are 3 production staff training and supporting 10+ live music venues at multiple locations with volunteers as operators. The volunteers operating this sound board are not professionals and don’t necessarily have any experience beyond basic mixing and basic eq’ing, some of them literally just push faders with no EQ ability because they haven’t reached that level yet. We have middle school and high school students operating these boards, as well as guest “sound guys” that come in with events and weddings that really think they know it all, however most of the time they just start messing with things they probably shouldn’t have!

So there are things they don’t need to be messing with, in my experience show flies being one of them. I need to be able to “configure” the console and label everything so an operator can come in log in and mix faders, make changes to EQ’s and mix IEM’s, but they aren’t touching any settings (patching, mixer config, labels, etc) and when they are done they can save their user profile or save only to there scene.