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Hi all ,I have read through this whole thread to try and solve my track skipping problem from a 18ch recording I made last weekend (qu-16). I’m running firmware 1.8 with a new 2tb seagate drive that I formatted at the start of the show. From the first song it jumped like a scratched cd and their isn’t a single song that is usable from show .The drive was next to a digital drum kit so there was no vibration at all. The waveforms are fine -10db max no clipped signals. We only had a pair of 12″ monitors and a small PA . Has anyone found a solution to this yet or do I need to use a dedicated multitrack recorder ? Luckily it was a test,and now I know to run a backup for my important gigs but still it would be nice to have it working properly . Any suggestions would be appreciated 👍