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just a note to help a little further, there are (of course) two outputs for each input.
One is labeled direct output and the other is labeled Transformer Isolated Microphone Output.

If you want your Qu mixer to provide phantom power for your condenser mics and/or active direct boxes,
you will want to connect the “direct” outputs to the Qu and the ISO outputs to the house system snake inputs,
just the opposite if the house system console is going to provide the phantom power.
This is common because the transformer feeding the ISO output of the S8 blocks DC voltage. No harm if both consoles have phantom on.

Another note of caution,… after plugging in your cables into the front panel inputs, make sure that the two buttons are in the “out” position, if you have low signal on a particular mic and don’t know why, it is probably because the “PAD” button got inadvertatnly pushed. If your Qu or the house console develops 60 cycle hum on any channels, it can almost always be eliminated by pushing the ground lift button for the offending channel.

Have fun!