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glad to help doctor 🙂

I used no Eq on the effects in those examples.
For live mixing concerts etc, I still go the “old school” way of using a single mono aux send to the reverb and then returning the reverb in stereo of course 🙂 When I mix on the Mac computer in Digital Performer, I use Altiverb and if it is classic music such as a symphony, then I don’t use individual aux sends from inputs but instead, I route all woodwinds to a stereo group and then send that group to yet another stereo track where Altiverb is inserted. I do that for the other three sections of the orchestra too, brass, percussion and strings. The reason for not inserting the Altiverb in each of the four groups is so that I can freely use fader automation of sections’ group masters without Altiverb’s output being jerked around in that fader.

Sounds a little weird, but this video I made quite some time ago describes it better than words… you can skip to 13:08 to see the part about reverb routing.

a picture is worth a thousand words 🙂