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Thanks for your reply Bob.

Here is some more detail;

FOH will be using a standard snake from the stage.

We are keen to use our own monitoring setup as mentioned. The me’s do not impact using any mix outputs (with the obvious setting the gain stage)

Rather than getting a snake splitter of some kind it makes sense to me to send everything out the qu mix outputs to the stage snake. We are practically able to do this 1 to 1 as as we only use 11 inputs when gigging anyway so a couple of inputs would need to be grouped on the mix outputs (bg’s and toms?)

One of our guys takes a wedge and so I thought this could be returned from FOH
I have not done this before and wondered if anyone could give me a heads up on anything. I am admittedly learning as a band leader typically doing our own live sound. Feedback is appreciated.

Thanks !