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Hey Dan! Very nice! Sweet Lexicon too… Yeah I just cannot get the qu onboard effects to respond the way my M-One does.
What I am hoping to accomplish though is to get some forum members here to exchange ideas and patches on the Qu series effects.
Where are the guys or girls at that programmed these effects? I see incredible detail go into this QU board but very little information on the parameters or the people that wrote the parameters…

Some of the parameters are way off the mark and are not natural at all… We really don’t need high pitch metallic sounding flutter / scatter going on with reverbs…

On my M-One XL – I use a parallel Serial configuration where delay is on input one and fed into the input of the reverb on 2…. Using the engine 1 to Engine 2 feed parameter.

The effect is so smooth that you cannot really hear the delay because the repeats are mixed in with the reverb. Super lush smooth tail.. And of course this can be abused if pushed too much but it can take a dry vocal and make it huge sounding… I cannot mix without it.

I have some qu settings that I thought we’re close to replicating my M-One but when I A/B them live – there is no comparison… The M-One take it. I will keep trying.