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What you’re trying to do is “overdub”.
I don’t use Ableton, I use Logic. Generally, by default, the sound coming from a DAW to the Qu-16 will arrive on channels 1 & 2.
In Ableton, make sure your stereo output is set to channels 1 & 2.

To hear the music from the computer, first link the channels-
On the Qu, press the green “Sel” button over channel 1
Press the green “Processing” button, upper right side of the touch screen
On the touch screen press the greyed-out button “Not linked CH 1-2”
The linking page opens, press the greyed-out “Not linked” button
Press “Apply”
Now channels 1 & 2 are linked, use the channel 1 fader to adjust the playback volume
Turn the channel 1 pan knob all the way to the left. This will turn channel 2 pan all the way to the right automatically.
Press the usb/preamp button on the upper left side of the Qu. The yellow light should be lit to indicate the channel will receive sound from the computer. If the yellow light is dimmed it means the channel will receive sound from the preamp.

Now you have a stereo set-up to hear the music from your computer

To record-
In Ableton, set a channel to input from, for instance, channel 3
Connect a mic or instrument to input 3 on the back of the Qu
If your mic needs phantom power, first mute the channel, then turn on phantom power by pressing and holding the 48V button on the left side of the channel’s processing screen (touch screen). Unmute the channel.
Arm the Ableton track for recording, don’t push play
Adjust the channel 3 preamp recording level. Try to input a signal that reads between -18dB and -12dB on the meters in Ableton. The channel 3 preamp will determine the strength of the signal being recorded. The channel 3 fader will adjust the monitoring volume of the mic as you record. Use the faders to get a nice volume balance between the stereo track and your mic. (Once the signal has been recorded, use the fader in Ableton to adjust the volume of the mic track for playback.)
Push play and record!

I hope I didn’t forget any steps. This is obviously just the basics, there are many ways to route signals in and out. The manual isn’t very thorough with regards to recording. Good luck.