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Thanks for the response. The WM1641 just sits on a shelf, so it’s not in a rack. The XLR cables are 3′ long and aren’t looped (just straight out from the mixer). I just had the unit serviced locally and some capacitor was jacked up so they removed it and replaced it. But it still hums.. maybe another capacitor on the board? There are no transformers near the sound board other than the one a few hundred feet a way on a power pole by the street. I’m going to move the unit away from the other wireless systems We have about 5 wireless mic’s and in ear monitor systems all in that area but they’ve been fine. This just started out of nowhere it’s just this one mice set. I’ll check the noise gate, I was adjusting that before but it didn’t make a difference until I reduced the gain but when i reduce that it was so low that even having the volume at 100 for the channel didn’t matter because you couldn’t hear the mic when it was being used.