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Qu’s scene-functionality would be just fine for a music festival, but I’m running a complex theatrical show here, 47 audio cues for a two-hour show. And I want to keep every single unused mic muted, the band stage is tiny, and I have a lot of condensers in there. Trust me, I am a 100% K.I.S.S. -type of guy, but there is a lot happening, the three guys in the band are all multi-instrumentalists, the double-bass player “doubles” on six other stringed instruments during the show. The allocated audio budget dictated the console-choice. But: the Qu is the best-sounding console for the price, IMHO. I don’t think I’m trying to overkill anything, quite the contrary- trying to manage… and eke out a living. And I DON’T HAVE TIME TO RECALL ANY LIBRARY-SETTINGS, things need to change in a 16th- note. Still waiting for the auto-incremental previous scene softkey-command…