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I feel I’ve made every possible mistake as far as scene-settings go, and started to be afraid of the CH/ST- button, not knowing if I dare to allow the parameters to change or not…
I have a couple of input channels where there are eq/comp- setting alterations during the course of the show, the aforementioned walk-in being one of them. Now, if I tweak a setting on a scene and store it, are you saying that if nothing is blocked, all other scenes are unaffected? So maybe I could just block preamp-gains globally, since they are about the only settings that stay the same trough the show, and just forget about blocking other parameters? Now that would relieve my anxiety a lot… but I am still afraid of recalling some past eq-settings that are not valid anymore. That’s why I blocked the eq in the first place- when I finally settled on a curve with that horrendous oud-lute, I did not want any changes to happen no matter what else might be going on.