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Not sure if re-installing indeed clears the preferences for the app, but for my understanding the only configuration stored on the iPad is actually the Custom Layer arrangement. This is cleared with 3×8 wipes when selecting setup. Takes a few seconds and you’re done.
Anything else (i.e. gates, routing, Fx etc.) is stored on the Qu(Pac) and will not be reset when re-installing the app.
To reset the Qu(Pac) to something defined, you should either have a scene which contains some kind of default setup and just recall that one.
If people should start with a 100% clean surface, just choose Reset Mix Settings from the Scene dialog on the Qu(Pac) directly. If your inputs go through a dSnake this is probably not what you want to do, since it reverts all inputs to the local sockets.
There’s also The Manual with additional information (like Chapter 10.10 “Scene Memories”).