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I think you’ll find that running the Qu and navigating the myriad pathways will be much simpler when the features are applied to specific purposes rather than learning the entire “map”, then using that knowledge. IOW, concentrating on the “why” will illuminate the “how” by giving you a working context.

It is the context that will be most important.

I play music on many different instruments and constantly receive requests for lessons. When I ask people what they want to play they often focus on the instrument. I refuse to teach the instrument independent of the music and I will offer to you that things will make sense on the Qu when you understand the “music”.

You”ll ned to study up on all facets of sound, acoustics, musical arrangement and mixing to take full advantage of any mixer. I express it thus:

Anyone can buy a Stradivarius. Only a violinist can play one.

You have to be that violinist. Good luck.