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I am feeling the pain of your average operator.

I really need to get the concept of mix busses and this being like 8 different consoles.

But for now, as is also probably like your average operator, I just need to make the outboard stereo reverb unit, which uses XLR in and out, behave like an fx so that I can leverage it on channels.

Conceptually to me, I picture the outboard reverb behaving exactly like the onboard reverb with regard to channels, with the Bricasti being somewhat legendary in the quality of reverb and simplicity of operation by comparison with the onboard reverb.

As I mentioned at a very brief summary level earlier, I make a living helping Fortune 500 CFOs and CIOs make profound business improvements by empowering them with concepts leveraging complex technology. I just do not have a grasp on some of the building blocks of this currently complex-to-me digital mixer and have self-imposed deliverable deadlines that are keeping me up at night each time I want to use what would seem to be basic functionality.

I just finished reading some GS threads to be sure I had made a great decision on this mixer. As expected, it seems I am the bottleneck which is humbling.