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Outboard FX – you need to send a signal (or two) and get them back in…

QU16 – so you are limited in terms of dedicated mixes. If you can use Mix1 (mono) or Mix9/10 (Stereo) then use them, if you can’t sacrifice those for whatever reason then you may have to sacrifice FX1(&2?) and only use the inbuilt effects as inserts or channel->return.

If you want to use the FX then you have to set up the Alt-Out routing to carry those mixes (they don’t have another ‘on desk’ output option) and feed that into your M7.
Take the output of the M7 an plug it into one of the Stereo inputs (ST1 seems reasonable) of course a mono FX box could use a mono input.

Bingo, just don’t push any of the ST1 signal back to the FX Mix(es)