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OK, for those of you that question why I choose to record with old technology? Here is my best answer. HOBBY, I still have all of the audio (HI-FI) equipment that I purchased new in the late 70s & 80s. This vintage equipment is all in Mint Working Condition and still in OEM spec (Thanks to the quality of the era & a little TLC), I have since scrapped out most all of the equipment that I acuired from the mid-90 on up.
Can I use current technology? Yes, and I will at some point, However, I would still want to utilize my Vintage “Reel to Reel”. If you seen and could listen to my equipment you would be stunned. Would I still have this issue on new professional equipment , the answer is yes.
With a little help from the experiance on this forum, I Will learn the intricacies of the Qu-Desk.
That being said, Thanks for the help so far and keep it coming. (Be part of the solution / LOL).