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[Quote] Newbee question, first it should be known I am not a professional audio engineer.
I am looking to use my QU-32 to record to an analog multitrack tape deck (Teac A3440).
The Mixer is brand new and I am still learning my way around it. While experimenting
with the outputs I have observed that the signal strength at the mix outputs is considerably
lower than that of the group outs. I need to push the output faders on the mix outs to near max
and I still have a weak signal, could it be a Pre/ Post fader setting or a limitation of the
ports themselves. I am using all unbalanced equipment and patch cables. I am hoping it is in the
mixer setup. As the QU does not have any local direct outputs only to USB, what would be the best
ouputs to use to send the signal to the Tape Deck? [/Quote]

The user manual says that the max outputs of the mains, mixes and groups are all the same: +22dBu. So you are correct in assuming that the problem is very likely in the setup/routing.

If you want to connect balanced and unbalanced equipment you can use the Rane white paper on cabling/connections for a guide or you can use some kind of BALUN such as an EbTech “Hum Eliminator” (despite its somewhat misleading name). A pair of such two channel devices will serve and can be a valuable addition to your gear locker for many applications. I have three of them in my kit.

Remember that you will experience some signal loss in the conversion, but it will be slight and acceptable.