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Group, Mix, Matrix outputs – Balanced XLR line
level outputs for the mono and stereo mixes, for example to
feed monitor amplifiers, external processing devices, delay
fill speaker systems and recording devices. These use low
impedance, high quality differential driver circuits for
connection to +4 or 0dBu equipment. Maximum output is
Professional equipment provides ‘balanced’ connections for
maximum interference rejection over long cable runs. If you
are connecting to ‘unbalanced’ equipment then make sure
the XLR pin 3 (signal cold) is linked to pin 1 (signal ground)

I’m not sure if this could be a help to your problem or not. I hooked up a set of bose array speakers to the main outs left and right and used a 1/4 inch unbalanced to a balance xlr and got all kind of noise it sounded low and so on. Maybe you could talk to a place like guitar center and ask them the questions and see what they say.