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David it looks a great ap, well done.
At the moment we are using the A&H Qu-Pad on iPad but i will try your ap on my Samsung S5 phone on Sunday. I am playing with your ap offline and have a few queries:
I can’t figure how to adjust gain and PEQ on the channels. How is this done? Also re the Layers, if i go into Layer Ch1-8 and hold and into Edit i can’t do anything with the channels. So what is the function of the Layers and how to use them. Is it like the Custom Layer on the Qu-24 console ?

You need to press on the channel button in order to open the channel overview.
There you can access the gain and other stuff like the PEQ.

When press and hold a layer button it opens the layer edit view. There you can configure the layers by dragging the channels or pressing the “+” menu button to add more channels to a layer.

A more detailed description about these topics can be found here: