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Mikey B

I’m getting this sound running I3 windows 8 machine with 8 gig ram. On playback on ANY SOFTWARE including windows media player.

This is from my thread a while ago about this

USB B streaming to the comp, it seems to be recording into Sonar 8 just fine but during playback there is a screeching sound, almost like the old dial up connection sound. It’s louder than the recordings and is intermittent… Just comes and goes… Sometimes you can hear it manifesting as just some pops and clicks, other times it’s full on burying the sound in the most annoying screech… At first it seemed to come after a few seconds of playback while recording and then stop, but I’ve been playing with buffers and things (not sure if that has anything to do with it) and now it seems to just come and go … I’ve tried just about every buffer combo there is and nothing seems to change it much… If anything it maybe seems worse with large buffer caches…

I’m pretty sure it’s a playback issue)

Happens with material recorded elsewhere and run through Sonar as well…

Any help would be greatly appreciated…. It’s really really freaking annoying and loud…