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SOC – System On a Chip – the Pi is basically a computer on a single chip, much like a phone’s brain.
NIC – Network Interface Card – the Pi doesn’t strictly have one, but some models have a 4 port USB and USB-ethernet adaptor on a second chip.
SSD – Flash card, the Pi boots from an SD card, but anything connected via USB could be used after the initial power up sequence (It’s a bit complicated: The GPU boots from the SD card then hands over to the CPU, which can be pointed at a USB device)

Wear levelling etc. is “stuff that storage systems do”. It’s one of the reasons we suggest formatting the QU disk each time data is deleted, you start with a fresh slate – the device has an easier time when it doesn’t have to juggle existing data. Depending on how good they are at it, they can do it really fast (like the SanDisk Extreme) or much slower – which can cause all sorts of devices which can in theory sustain the USB data transfer to have a “hiccup” long enough that the QU runs out of it’s own buffer, and you lose data.