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The Pi Zero would be limited to the onboard SD card – the USB interface would be used to connect to the QU.

A Pi B, or a B2, would be able to use additional USB cards, but beware, there is only a single USB connection from the SOC, there is a USB hub on board to provide the additional sockets.
The bandwidth shouldn’t be an issue, but it’s worth mentioning.

Of course the B could also be remotely started/monitored over the network…
(Obviously the PiZero could run an external USB hub as well – and these are available with NIC as well)

We wouldn’t “buffer” them so much as just record them straight. But yes, in theory it should be possible to dump them all to media, and with more RAM available than on the QU we might be able to deal with slightly less excellent USB devices (since we should be able to buffer over a longer wear levelling/internal check of the SSD.

Given ~£15 of hardware this should be possible – then you need a bit of a case to put it in – and of course a 5V PSU.

Maybe I should see if the QU is recognised natively by raspbian?