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Sorry xapbob my error with tracks– was late at night-

My idea was based on how a laptop works when you send something to print but have no printer connected. The file goes into a buffer area and awaits the next connection to a printer.

My thought was – I wonder if the 32 tracks of audio could be ‘buffered’ and then downloaded into Pro Tools / reaper etc at a later date ? Thus avoiding the need to have a full computer setup on site. It would also save time arming and setting up tasks when in the heat of battle… And the risk of a ‘hang’ whilst recording thus loosing everything and awaiting a restart etc…etc…

Not being a tecchie with such things might the zero ( or a full version Pi) also provide a cleaner stream for recording. i.e. could it have a larger buffer to avoid any dropped data and error trapping to ensure a complete recording… possibly to two flash drives/cards as a raid array?

Might it also save as you go along so if it did crash you would at least have something?

Your idea of feedback lights is great and the one press start stop is inspired

This sounds exciting — a crowdsourced Christmas project… thoughts anyone?