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Nicola A&H

Hi Bienko,

still i have only 40 mics on a stage not full 48

I assume you are using 2x AR84 expanders. You can actually use an AB168 as your dSNAKE Expander, with an AR84 as the ‘mixer’ Expander this would give you the full 48 mic inputs on stage over 2x Cat5 cables, although ch 45-46 and 47-48 are fixed stereo.

We are not planning to support multiple AR2412s on dSNAKE due to the architecture limitations of the protocol. However you can still invest in a spare AR2412 or AB168, plug in the extra microphones, and swap the Cat5 patch when changing set. As long as your gains, phantom power etc. are stored in Scenes you would be up and running with the other set in a few seconds.

Hope this helps.