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Yes slave rack Port B ACE card to ME-U

Both master and slave are bridged although it appears bridging the slave makes no difference what so ever.

In a dual rack set up there is no choice which rack to connect to. Using the ME-U software via Firefox, you go to system setup and just the Master rack appears under found units, the slave is not an option to select.

Using just one mixrack alone is not a problem at all. It just works, both audio and names are there on the ME-U with no issues. It seems as soon as I go to dual mixrack the fun and games start. In the ME-U software the master mixrack is selected, iLive source mode is selected but in channel set up under received names you get “Unused” for all 40 channels, yet I have 25 channels of audio coming from the slave and 10 from the master, all appearing on the ME-U correctly and hence onto the ME-1’s. The only way I can see of getting it to work is to switch off the ilive mode, untick use received names and enter them all manually…Unless someone else knows differently. Leon, Sam?