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Great job in developing the app!
I’ve just loaded the free version (don’t worry, paid one plus donation coming up when I update my card details with Amazon!)
Just wondering if the input/output metering are features of the paid app as they aren’t showing in the free version on the channel strips, mix outputs, LR etc.
Everything else seems to work, buttons, faders et al but no “feedback” from the inputs to the Amazon Fire I’m using.
Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks again for your hard work!


The input/output metering is also available in the free version.
When using the free version, are the meter bars visible at all or are they just not being updated?

Also the “allow bus processing access” setup button shouldn’t make any difference. It’s used for the XM32 version where the access can be restricted to a single bus. By enabling this option the user also gets access to the processing that bus.

Hi, it looks as though the excellent Android Mixing station QU and Mixing Station QU Pro are now available from the Google play store.

Yes, it’s also available on amazon now: