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Thanks MarkPAmin to react on my post.

1st of all I have a QU24 and I don’t work with a iPAD. All my manipulations are done manually on the desk.

The 1st switches between LR and Mix-X are going correct on the right position, but from around the 3-4 switches the delta + 1-4db is appearing on the faders. By the way, I have observed the same problem on GEQ.

Following observations:
– LR on 0db and Mix-X -50db or opposite => the 1st 3 times, positioning soft and correct, afterwards the faders hits strong the -50db position and then the delta appears.
– LR or Mix-X not on -50db position, but something else, => no problem all time the faders goes to the right position
– Before to pass from LR to Mix-X or opposite, I select between the Layer bottom => all is OK, no problem with the positioning.

This different test shows that it is not a hardware problem, but that the software is loosing the info after several repeating.