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It depends upon what you want to do. If, like me, all you want to do is control the volume of the various “groupings” wrt each other, then DCAs are a lot easier to use. Think of the DCA as volume control which is applied equally to all the other levels in that DCA group. Say you have an acoustic guitar with a post fader level of -6dB, and an electric guitar with a post fader level of -8dB. You put them in a DCA group with its level set to say -3dB. Therefore, the acoustic guitar will end up with a level of -9dB and the electric at -11dB.

The groups are different on the QU series. They act more like the Mix outputs (indeed the QU24 and 32 have dedicated group outputs) which can be routed to LR. If you are just using the group master to set the overall level, then you need to first set up the faders for all the channels you want to use on that group and then change the group master. There is a lot more chance of finger trouble. Other than this “flexibility”, the only advantage that groups give is that you can apply EQ/delays to each group. For just changing the balance of volumes, this is not needed.

Assigning a channel to a DCA is no different to a group.

Hope that helps. I was an analogue desk user until earlier this year having never used a digital desk before. Once I got my head around the basics, I was impressed how easy it is to use the QU series. Using an analogue desk now seems like the dark ages.

If it helps, I produced some training videos for my team. They have proved to be remarkably popular given their dubious quality (I really should have written a script first). They can be found here