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Dick Rees

The manual is not the clearest on this, but here goes:

On the Qu-24 you have just two groups as such…but they are stereo groups. You can pan channels within the groups, but you will not have the same “four mono” control capability as you had in analog world.

As has been pointed out you should use DCA’s for level control of your desired groupings. You will have four available, control for each by a single fader.

The primary difference is that groups offer processing for all channels assigned to them while DCA’s control only the volume levels.

To assign channels to a group you press the button for the desired group, then use the “assign” and “select” buttons to place channels in the group. Sounds more complicated than it is. Once you figure it out it takes no time at all to assign channels to either of your two (stereo) groups.


DCA’s for simple level control and groups for dynamic processing/EQ’ing of multiple channels.

Good luck.