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keep the box closed… 🙂

they are not the same… and the geeks are not shure…

Dodgydesign uses different plugin formats these days on different hardware
special Venue Versions are required for the older Venue systems,
S3L and S6L use the new AAX Format but I do not know if they still need extra versions
Waves provides plugin versions for the Venues as well…

But waves provides a system called Sound Grid Server wich can host VST plugins from different vendors and will connect with the M-WAVES card. You can build a system with similiar functionality with Dante and Lawo has integrated something similiar in their desks.
The real differenc is the software system that hosts the plugins… but there are different solutions available
Cantabile, Rack Performer or LiveProfessor for example
The Waves System is a closed and working system with support…but expensive

Latency is another problem… but if you use modern hardware then it should work on a custom system.

In my opinion it is not necessary to use Waves, Avid or other general EQ, dynamics or modulation plugins. It is only useful for things that do not exist on the iLive platform (Pitcher, Transient Designer, HighEnd reverbs, Amp Simulators) or HighEnd FX that is much better than the build in…

hope it helps a bit