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Hello Everyone … I have a QU-24 and it is doing the EXACT same thing. I am running the latest Pro-Tools and I am using an iMac27.

I went back to using my Scarlet and there are no issues with the Computer settings or software. That tells me its the board itself and even exhibits the same problem no matter what DAW software I use. Its bummed me out and I am considering sending it back to get repaired.

At first when it started happening I was using just the Pro-Tools to record. But then i was just listening to regular programming i.e. Netflix or YouTube and it started doing it more regularly. I reset all the settings to the factory default on the board and it didn’t change anything. I shutdown and restarted the board and it went away for a while, but then it returned and now it recurs every minute. It is very annoying and it seems to do in only in the USB Playback mode…

Does anyone have any solutions to this problem? Its looking more like it may be a defect in the board…